WhatsApp features that will be most useful while you stay or work at home

WhatsApp features that will be most useful while you stay or work at home

WhatsApp has and is playing a vital role in bridging the gap of distance, and helping people communicate both professionally and personally. WhatsApp globally witnessed a sharp rise of 41 per cent in the mid-phase of the pandemic and 51 per cent in the countries in the late phase of coronavirus.

If you also use WhatsApp for both professional and personal conversations, these tricks will help you get the most of the app.

WhatsApp Tips and tricks :-

Reduce strain in your eyes: Enable dark mode by heading to the Settings menu > Chats > Theme > Dark. This will prevent stress in your eyes after long chatting sessions with your friends or important conversations with your colleagues.

Use WhatsApp on PC or laptop: Use WhatsApp Web to stay connected and save time while you simultaneously work on your laptop. You can head to web.whatsapp.com on your desktop and scan the QR code from your phone to use the feature.

Create groups with your workmates: You can create as many WhatsApp Groups as you wish by selecting the three dots at the top right corner and tapping on the ‘New Group’ option.

Send broadcast messages to your team members or friends: For bulk messaging, you can send a broadcast message (that may include files, documents, images or videos) to all or selected number of contacts in a single tap. This will save you from writing those boring mails and forwarding it to people…Read more>>



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