These WhatsApp Users Will Be Charged – Details here

These WhatsApp Users Will Be Charged – Details here

In India, the use of Whatsapp has been completely free so far. However, soon some selected users of WhatsApp can be charged for using the app. Actually Whatsapp is going to rollout its new feature soon.

According to the instant messaging app company, it will launch a new feature known as WhatsApp Business. It will be a fully commercial service. It has been announced to collect charge on behalf of the company for this commercial service WhatsApp Business. For the rest of the customer, WhatsApp will be free as before.

No pricing announcement

However, pricing has not yet been announced by Facebook and WhatsApp on how much money WhatsApp will charge for commercial use.

Small businessmen will be helped

Through WhatsAppp Business, users will be able to sell their product directly. Currently, this feature is under development, which will be rolled out soon after testing. The company believes that the new feature of WhatsApp can prove to be very beneficial for small business people in India, whose business was destroyed due to the scandal. There are more than 50 million WhatsApp Business users worldwide. Pay-to-message has been announced for them…..Read More>>


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