Lock your SBI net banking access. Here’s how

Lock your SBI net banking access. Here’s how

With net banking, mobile banking and phone banking, users are now able to complete fund transfers, bill payments, open a fixed or current account, among other things with ease. However, this has also attracted scammers who keep looking for ways to defraud people. As no mode of payment is safe in the current times, it is important for users to protect their net banking accounts from such threats.

With more and more banks making digital payments easier for their customers, fraudsters are coming up with new ways to fool people and rob them of their hard-earned money. In such a situation, India’s largest public sector bank, State Bank of India has a feature that allows customers to stay a little safer. The bank on its official website – onlinesbi, says “For better control & security of your account, you can lock or unlock your INB access through link ‘Lock & Unlock User’ available in Home/Login Page.”

How to lock SBI net banking access:

  • Go to SBI official website – onlinesbi.com……….Read More>>


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