Here’s how you can download ticket from IRCTC

Here’s how you can download ticket from IRCTC

Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has made it easier for its passengers to book tickets online. Thus, the passengers can easily sit at their home and book their tickets without any hassle. He/she can book and cancel tickets as per his/her convenience. Technology has turned out to be a boon in every sphere of our lives. The passengers now don’t need to stand for hours in the long queue to book the tickets. They can easily log in to the IRCTC app or website and plan their trips accordingly.


The IRCTC app provides information about the ticket status, waiting list, whether our ticket is confirmed or not. The passengers can also plan out their journey in an easy way after looking at the information on the website. He/she can plan the return and the departure accordingly and also have a fair idea about his ticket and thus plan accordingly. One can easily book a ticket online through various applications and websites. Many people are often confused from where can they download their booked tickets.

How to download IRCTC online ticket?STEP 1How to download IRCTC online ticket?

You must log in to the IRCTC website first.

Enter your personal details

You will be asked to enter your user name and password. You must enter the details

Click on the Captcha

Click on the I’m not a robot option and enter sign in.

Click My Account

Click on the option ‘My Account’ on the top.

Click on My Transactions

Now you need to click on ‘My Transactions’ option from the drop-down menu

Options on the menu

You will get various options like last transaction details, booked ticket history, failed transaction history, etc from the drop-down menu.

Click on Booked ticket history

You need to click on the ‘Booked Ticket History’ where you will get details of all your past tickets or upcoming journeys…Read more>>




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