DTH Users cannot be forced to Select Channel Packs

DTH Users cannot be forced to Select Channel Packs

TRAI has once again come down heavily on DTH and Cable operators, who are forcing consumers to select some specific plans and packs. In order to ensure that every DTH and cable operator following the new norms of cable industry, TRAI will soon conduct an audit.


TRAI: DTH/Cable Operators Can Force Any Pack/Plan :-

TRAI Chairman RS Sharma has said that no TV user should be forced to select any pack or individual channel by the distribution partner and DTH operator.

In case this happens, it will be wrong, and illegal.

Sharma emphasized that this freedom to choose any channel or packs for the consumer is “non-negotiable” and “cannot be compromised”.

Last week, TRAI had issued showcase notices to 6 cable operators for the same reason: Complaints were filed against them for enforcing some selected channels and packs, which the consumers hadn’t asked for.

Sharma said, “If the choice of channels is restricted…then basic intention seems to be to push packs and bouquets and push your own agenda. That is not the spirit of the regulatory framework,”

In case your cable or DTH operator is enforcing any particular pack or channel, then you can directly complain to TRAI by calling at 01206898689 or send an e-mail address to das@trai.gov.in.

These consumer grievance numbers/emails were issued in the month of March this year.

Audit Of All Cable/DTH Operators Soon

Based on the complaints received against cable and DTH operators, TRAI will soon conduct an audit of all service providers, to ensure that they are following the rules and regulations of the new cable TV regime.

As per TRAI Chairman RS Sharma, some distributors and cable companies have deployed special software and tools which can impose and enforce few particular channels and packs for the consumers, without their consent………Read More>>


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